The Robusta Blend

While a 100% Arabica pour over leads to the most flavorful cup there are still some very compelling reasons to pull espresso shots with a nice Arabica/Robusta blend.  Here are the reasons:

1) Robusta beans produce more crèma than Arabica.  This is the barista’s dream as it adds to the presentation and artisan expressions in a nice latte.

2) 100% Arabica leads to a more floral taste in a cup but a nice amount of Robusta in the cup can really provide that bold coffee flavor the body craves in the early morning

3) When grinding, a Robusta bean has a harder shell.  If the Robusta grinds are then blended with the Arabica the heated water will work its way through the grinds extracting more from the Arabica.  That will allow the Arabica notes to stand out more than the Robusta but the added benefits of Robusta will still make its way to the cup

4) The amount of caffeine in a Robusta bean can be twice the amount than that in an Arabica bean.  That can provide the pick-me up that is really needed at any time during the day.

Don’t discount the humble Robusta bean too easily.  We are at the cutting edge of realizing just how much this bean has to offer!

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