The Qixi Festival

One of the best parts about getting to work with coffee farmers is also getting to celebrate festivals with them.  This weekend is the Qixi festival.  It is the seventh day of the seventh month on the lunar calendar. According to the locals that makes it an auspicious day.  That brings the community together to enjoy each other.

The Li people kick off the festival with water splashing.  It is a time of celebration where everyone takes a break from their labor in the summer heat and cools off with a community wide water fight.  It is a lot of fun!

After the fun with water all the locals get dressed in their traditional clothing and begin preparing for a large feast.

As soon as it is ready everybody sits down and really long and extensive tables to share the meal together.

At the meal they make sure they eat very colorful food.  It is a sign of blessing and prosperity.

The people of this culture put a lot of detail and heart into enjoying everything they make or do.  Their clothing, their food, and fortunately for us their coffee!

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