Introducing Huskee Cup

The name Sina Green comes from a combination of two characteristics that define us.  Sina is an ancient way of referring to China.  This is where we are based and where all of our coffee is grown.  The name ‘Green’ denotes our focus on sustainable agriculture practices and natural farming.  Our devotion to environmental and ecological responsibility is one of the driving forces behind how we operate and who we partner with.  We care deeply about the farmers and farms at origin and make sure that not only do we provide them above market prices for all aspects of the value chain but that we take good care of the environment as well.  Birthed out of this we have been able to support an incredible project that is changing how waste in the coffee industry can be used.

Through a collaborative effort that you can read about in this Collective Hub article you will learn how one of the parts of the coffee cherry that is discarded during the processing of the bean can be turned into a usable product.  If you would like to enjoy our coffee in a cup that is made from itself (ha!) we would love for you to check out the Huskee Cup Kickstarter campaign.

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