Responsibly Sourced Coffee

Responsibly sourced coffee is coffee that is processed and purchased in a partnership that demonstrates respect for both the grower and the environment.  It is the reason for our existence as a company.  We had been living in China for many years working with farmers in various venues before focusing primarily on coffee.  We were able to come alongside Yunnan Coffee Traders and the Hani Coffee Company and saw the incredible ways they were benefiting communities as they were helping them produce excellent coffee.  The more we learned about how the growing community was developing through their efforts the more we wanted to be a part of it.

Characteristics of the relationship between our partners, the growing co-op, and Sina Green:

  • Commitment to excellence in producing exceptional coffee
  • Social responsibility — healthcare clinics, water projects, disaster relief, professional certification, and so much more
  • Sustainable agriculture and social practices
  • Community development
  • Commitment to pay growers beyond Fair Trade prices
  • Ongoing presence and partnership at origin
  • Access to techniques and technology that increase yield and productivity

To get your hands on some of this great coffee that is changing lives please visit our stateside distributor – Urban Dwellers Coffee.

Photo cred: Bryon Lippincott

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