Nitro Coffee

One of our passions is to foster a culture of passion and joy for coffee among our customers and staff.  One of the ways we do this is to always push the boundaries on how we can meet customers where they are and make great coffee accessible more and more people.

Recently we experimented with different types of processing and were able to draw out more flavors with different types of methods.  One of our more subtle advancements was in the realm of cold brew.

Where our office is located in Hainan it is hot.  Really hot!  The heat there drives our customers to quench their their thirst with our delicious coffee on ice.  To make sure the coffee does not get watered down we have been experimenting with the perfect coffee to water ratio.  The funny thing with experimenting is that  one thing leads to another resulting with something usually unintended at the outset.  In this instance it led us to nitro coffee

Nitro coffee means different things in different circles.  In some cases it is simply CO2 and not nitrogen.  In other cases it is a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen or Nitrogen and CO2.  For us, we found the best way is to simply infuse the cold brew with Nitrogen on tap.  Nitrogen is much less soluble than the other options…and when chilled it leads to an incredibly smooth, rich, creamy cup.


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