The Story of Mr. Hu and Fuyan Farm

The beans that we are currently selling in the States have come from Fuyan Farm in Yunnan, China. The farm is located in the Hani people’s autonomous region and is the reason for the Hani Coffee Company’s name.

The story of this farm goes back to 1996 and a man named Hu Xi Xiang. At that time, Mr. Hu was an agricultural technician. He provided technical support for tree maintenance, soil balance, and basic plantation operations. The government saw how coffee was leading to economic development in rural areas in other areas throughout the world’s coffee belt and wanted to cultivate it in China as well. With Mr. Hu’s background and experience in the region he became the person to kick off the coffee growing initiative. After receiving seeds from the local government he planted his first crop.

In 1999 there was a great winter storm that led to a freeze that decimated the majority of all crops in the Pu’er region. It utterly destroyed Mr. Hu’s coffee trees. He never gave up though. He was committed to producing quality coffee so he re-planted and persevered. Coffee takes 3-4 years to produce a crop so the decision for him to start again was a very costly one. We are so thankful he did though. Now, a little more than 20 years later Mr. Hu oversees nearly 700 metric tons of coffee produced annually! To learn more about his journey please read the full article regarding Mr. Hu from Fresh Cup Magazine. It is a great look into the narrative behind some of the greatest coffee China has to offer.

Photo cred: @bryonlippincott

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