Fubei Coffee Shop

In an effort to partner closely with those throughout the coffee chain (from farm to cup) we also like to highlight some of the cafes that are really doing some important initiatives in their local communities.  One of our favorites is a little shop called the Fubei Coffee Shop (福杯咖啡).  They are located in Haikou, Hainan.

They have an initiative that focuses on teaching job skills to handicapped persons in the community.  They have three deaf employees and one physically handicapped man on staff.  We have enjoyed working with them on barista skills and helping them understand coffee at origin.

Hani Coffee is the brand sold out of the café and also a huge help in the job skills training.  One young man who attends as many of the skills development workshops as he can placed in the top three in the province in an entrepreneurial competition showing how coffee can be used to create jobs and enhance the economic standing of those in the handicapped community.

It is a true joy being able to work with such incredible people.  If you are ever in Haikou, Hainan make sure you stop by the Fubei Coffee Shop to say hello!

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