Farmer First Green Coffee Pricing

While most of the coffee industry is primarily concerned with consumer-first costs we are primarily concerned with farmer-first price values.  It might seem backwards for a for-profit company to focus on the product provider as opposed to the product consumer but it is for the best interest of the industry and end-user for us to be primarily concerned with farmer first green coffee pricing.

In the current specialty coffee environment there is such a demand for competition in pricing to get specialty coffee in local cafe’s that the demand is driving prices so low for the distributors the prices they are willing to pay is causing the farmers to sell their green coffee at such a low amount they aren’t able to sufficiently cover production costs.

Fortunately, there are industry leaders throughout the value chain that are not only aware of this problem but wanting to do something about it.  Recently an initiative was formed to gather data with the hopes of being able to make strategic proposals based on what is discovered.  Emory University will be leading the project by collating the information provided by data donors to create transaction guides that will allow us to monitor and respond to this challenge in the specialty coffee industry.

To learn more about this project and see the initial transaction guide you may follow the project here at the Specialty Coffee Association

Our partners are working hard to produce some delicious coffee, let’s honor them and support our farming friends by enjoying it!

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