Coffee Consumption Growth in China

According to the United States Department of Agriculture coffee consumption in China is growing faster than any other major market the agency tracks.  More Chinese are traveling abroad and experiencing coffee wherever they go.  This is enabling coffee to be an outlier in China’s economy where the demand for most other commodities is declining.

An average mainland Chinese person drinks about three cups of coffee per year.  An average person in the US drinks 363 cups.  Seeing this contrast shows just how much room for growth the Chinese coffee market has – especially considering it has the world’s largest population.

In May of last year, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told CNBC, “I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we have more stores in China than we do in the US”.  The coffee giant plans on reaching 10,000 outlets in China within a decade.  They will be opening up a premium roaster in Shanghai.  This looks impressive!

As the domestic market for coffee in China develops so will the amount of research and effort put into establishing premiere homegrown coffee.  We are grateful that we get to take a front-row seat and watch these farmers pour their lives into the bean that is slowly creeping into the lives of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.  They have been missing out on the enjoyment of coffee for far too long!

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