SCA recently teamed up with Square to publish their 2018 coffee report.  It is really good to see some of the trends that are going on across the States:

  • In regards to tipping baristas: National average is 11.4% but Alaska is the setting the bar high at 17.5%.  Things aren’t so good for baristas in New Jersey where the average tip lands at only 7.5%
  • While iced coffee consumption is on the rise 42% of Americans prefer cold brew to iced coffee
  • The latte is far and away the most popular coffee drink in the US.  The most expensive cup is found in North Dakota while it is most economic to buy a latte in Idaho
  • In a little more than a year’s time oat milk has seen a whopping 425% increase!
  • American’s are staying caffeinated all day long.  The most prominent hour for drip coffee is 8am while Iced blends are in peak consumption at 2pm
  • Australian Flat white sales and Spanish Cortado sales are the international styles that have made the most significant gains in the US market over the past year
  • Part of the reasons the latte is the typical Americans favorite coffee drink is because of all the add-ons that can accompany it.  Over the past year the average American requests two add-ons to their latte orders

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